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New Jersey Cannabis Business Conditional License Application

Get Our Application Help

Here's your chance to work with us on your conditional application for a New Jersey Cannabis Business License. Watch Tom explain some of the business plan and then buy them today and get going on yours!

Let's get your conditional cannabis application for NJ done right.

Our New Jersey Conditional License Application contains complete for the Business Plan & Management Profile plus your Regulatory Compliance Plan!

Plus, a super helpful spreadsheet and document file checklist for the conversion application. 

Includes up to 5 hours of customizations for your team’s vision on our 40 pages of materials

Includes 1 page insurance proof as well!

Recognized in the Industry

Our founding attorney, Tom Howard, has been recognized by both Leading Lawyers & Super Lawyers, quoted in the Wall Street Journal & Marijuana Business Magazine. We support the NORML Legal Committee & a Certified Ganjier.

New Jersey Conditional License Application



You get the Cannabis Business Mastermind as structured for your conditional application & our super helpful starter kit with all the compliance and documents ready for you to add your team’s vision on top of the required regulatory policies.  Conditional applications start here.

  • 20 page compliance plan
  • 20 page business profile
  • 1 page insurance proof
  • starter exhibits for compliance
  • outline of all regulatory compliance
  • access to mastermind program & materials.
  • 5 hours of customizations & hourly rates if more is necessary.


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Tom is the right attorney if you are an investor interested in the Cannabis and Hemp industries
Ben Rediger
Thomas was very helpful in answering my questions. The consultation was informative and helped me navigate the tricky process. I would highly recommend his services.
Illinois Dispo Winner
Thank you, very helpful and essential to win our craft grower license.
Illinois Grow Winner
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